Quality and tradition


Welcome to Salty Pidgin, your culinary retreat in the heart of Brooklyn.

Nestled among the familiar streets, our bustling restaurant brings innovation to the table with a menu crafted from the freshest local ingredients.

Whether you're seeking a memorable dinner with loved ones, a quick bite before a movie, or a celebratory meal,  our menu caters to every occasion.

With a warm and inviting ambiance, Salty Pidgin is where conversations flourish, flavours surprise, and connections are made over dishes that celebrate creativity and comfort.

Join us to experience the soul of suburbia through an unforgettable journey of taste and togetherness.


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Our chefs, inspired by the freshest local ingredients, craft dishes that tell stories of creativity and passion. Each plate is a canvas where classic flavours are reimagined, resulting in an array of tastes that will both comfort and surprise you.

Escape the chill at the bar, where the inviting glow of the  fireplace sets the perfect backdrop for cozy conversations and memorable evenings. With a warm welcoming vibe, you can savour your meal in comfort and unwind with friends and family.

Indulge in a curated selection of fine wines that speak of terroir and tradition, savour the  artistry of local craft beers, and embark on a journey of taste with our meticulously crafted cocktails that push boundaries and delight the senses. Whatever your preference, we have something for you.

Steve Mahoney & Leon Baddeley

Kitchen Team

John-Paul Henderson & Amy Gillies


Samuel Kopua

Bar Manager

Théodore (Frenchie), Ava & Patrick


Friends of the restaurant
Anil and his dog Jimmy